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Honey For Your Skin

Irradiated UMF® 16+ 100% Manuka Honey
UMF® 15+ Ointment 40%

Skin & Tissue Repair

Meloderm UMF® 16+ 100% Manuka Honey

Meloderm Irradiated UMF® 16+ Honey is 100% UMF® 16+ Manuka Honey. It utilises the benefits of honey to aid in the regeneration of damaged skin and tissue.

Meloderm 40% UMF® 15+ Ointment

Meloderm 40% UMF® 15+ Ointment has been specially formulated to maximise the benefits of the Unique Manuka Factor. It is suitable for everyday use on all skin areas and is a soothing emollient ointment.

What can Meloderm be Used for?

Meloderm can be used to provide a natural healing environment when applied topically to damaged skin.

How to Use Meloderm

We recommend using Meloderm Irradiated UMF® 100% 16+ Honey to cover larger wounds and Meloderm 40% for use on minor wounds and skin conditions such as dry skin.

Applying Meloderm 40%

If applying to a wound or broken skin, squeeze out Meloderm onto a cotton bud and then apply to a dressing - a sticking plaster will do if large enough. Apply the sticking plaster to the wound and change the dressing twice daily. If applying to insect bites, dry/flaky skin or similar, Meloderm may be applied directly to the area, massage into the skin if required with clean hands.

Applying Meloderm 100%

Clean the affected area with either cooled boiled water or saline solution. Apply Meloderm to the dressing - we suggest using a non-absorbent (non-stick) dressing such as Melolin. Ensure that there is enough honey on the dressing to cover the wound. Cover with a secondary absorbent dressing to contain any fluid that may leak out from under the initial dressing. We recommend changing the dressing twice daily.

Medical Care

Meloderm is not a replacement for medical care. For ongoing conditions, or if symptoms persist, we recommend seeing your doctor and discuss with them how UMF® Manuka can be a part of your treatment.

UMF® Manuka Honey

Independently certified, true to label.

UMF Manuka