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Multifloral Honey

Delicious Honey Blends

Natures Nectar

A strong flavoured blend of New Zealand Bush Honeys, including Rewarewa, Manuka and Tawari. Natures Nectar is a favourite in many households. Put through only a coarse filter, this honey is as close as you will get to "straight from the hive" in a jar. Natures Nectar contains all the natural pollens that are usually filtered out and is left to naturally granulate - so it's fair to say that this honey has real grit.

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Full Flavour

If you like the taste of Natures Nectar but prefer a smoother texture, Full Flavour is for you. A blend of strong flavoured bush honeys, Full Flavour Honey has a rich, strong taste that lingers in your mouth. Like Natures Nectar, Full Flavour is naturally granulated, but is put through a fine filter to remove larger pollen granules.

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Light Pastural

Light Pastural is a smooth, delicately flavoured blend of pasture honeys. Delicious on toast or spread on fresh bread, great as a sweetener in drinks and an alternative to sugar in baking, Light Pastural honey is a must for every pantry.

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Golden liquid honey in a squeezable container - the perfect combination. The easy squeeze jar makes it easy for you to squeeze honey onto your toast, into your drinks or for pouring over ice cream.

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